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Computing skills are increasingly essential to enable learners to participate more readily in a rapidly changing world. At Mendlesham, we show pupils not only how to interact with software and hardware, but teach them the skills to help shape the innovations of the future. Computing is relevant to the real world and supports cross-curricular learning, enabling pupils to become digitally literate and equipped for the workplace. As interactions and relationships are increasingly online, teaching the safe and respectful use of technology is paramount.

At Mendlesham we follow the Teach Computing scheme which is written by the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) and is funded by the Department for Education and supporting partners. It marks a significant investment in improving the provision of computing education in England. 

Code of Conduct

Each year, all children are asked to read and sign our 'acceptable use of ICT and the internet' document which lays out some rules we need the children to follow while in school. This document can be found below.


British Values

Please see below how we follow each of the British Values while teaching computing.


In computing we are learning to understand and be considerate to the views of other internet users. We understand that we are each part of the democracy of the internet and that we can each, in our own small way, affect the way the internet exists.

The Rule of Law

In computing we understand the use of rules on computers and the internet, such as when we are allowed to use social media and what we are allowed to post and share. We understand that rules are to keep others and ourselves safe and to help the internet to be an enjoyable and engaging place.

Individual Liberty

In computing we understand how to use our right to freedom of speech in a respectable and thoughtful way, being considerate of how this speech will affect others. We understand the freedom the internet and computers offer us in discovering information and connecting us with the world.

Mutual Respect

In computing we appreciate and understand the views of others, our right to challenge, question and discuss opinions and views, and to do this in a respectable and thoughtful way. We understand that as we are connected with the world while accessing the internet, we are exposed to the widest range of views, and we are learning to respect them.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

In computing we understand that we are connected to people across the whole world. We understand that these are people from different communities, cultures, faiths and beliefs. We use the opportunities offered in computing to question, challenge and understand people with these different characteristics to support and develop our tolerance of them.